Skyscanner Covid Campaign
Hero video of Skyscanner's We Will campaign during the COVID Pandemic outbreak. The video was featured in Forbes, among others, as one of the most inspiring travel videos. This main video was followed by several social assets and accompanying videos listed below. All of the campaign assets were developed and designed for easy localisation and thanks to that we executed a smooth localisation process for Germany, Japan, Brasil, Korea and The Netherlands.

Creative Team:
Design: James Bradley
Illustration: Gavin Spence
Video & Motion Design: Irati Aguirre
Copy: Cath MacLean & Katie Young

Skyscanner has been leading the travel category with a social reach of 6.7m and engagement of 24.6k (absolute). In addition to 280 PR hits on the social and related content. Leading strong brand sentiment, higher than our competitors (airbnb, Expedia, Booking and Kayak).

Social Media Content - Facebook & Instagram
Sign Video: we asked our employees and family where and with whom they were dreaming to travel when things got better.

Static Assets: we followed up with this concept and published a set of in-depth stories as Instagram Stories and Facebook posts launched every week getting a very good response from our users sharing their personal stories. 

"We will be together again" Video: after some user research and monitoring social responses for the campaign we wanted to go even deeper and we conducted several interviews over Zoom with employees, resulting in a very emotive and touching video. This was launch on Facebook and Twitter.

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