When I joined Skyscanner back in 2019 one of my main challenge was to increase the volume of video production. With the limited human resources we had and with a rebrand coming we needed to ensure the brand and motion guidelines were met without slowing down the content creation. 
We partnered up with an external company, Olapic to help us achieve this goal. After cross functional collaboration for identifying the most talked about and ever green content we developed a set of video templates and Olapic implemented them on their website, allowing "non design" teams to safely create our own branded video content. 
The templates have developed throughout the years but we can proudly say we empowered  people outside of the team to create the content they wanted in a branded video format. They aren now able to do the work themselves without putting the brand guidelines at risk and gain that autonomy. This also gave us the time to focus on other projects. Mainly, the tool is used by the Social Media team & external freelancers and are now rolling it out to the Content Team in order to create some tailored templates for them so they can reduce the bounce rate and increase the time spend on page.
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