Skyscanner Rebranding Campaign
Skyscanner went through a massive rebrand in September 2019. The brief was to inform our users and partners about the rebrand from a PR and social perspective. We wanted them to engage with us but also to reassure them we were the same brand, we were just looking into the future and the new opportunities that comes with it: to lead the global transformation to modern and sustainable travel. All of the creative assets that form this campaign were localised to US, UK, DE, BR, KO, JA, ES, PL, NL and FR.
The campaign was picked up by different media such as Design Week , CreativeBloqAdNews and   Marketing Week
Creative Team: Art Director: James Bradley / Copywriter: Katie Young / Motion Designer: Irati Aguirre
Travel Beyond - Hero Video
Hero video expressing the sentiment and new mission ahead of Skyscanner as a brand. This was used on our own social channels, internally as well as the trade press in travel & design.

Social Launch
On in social our aim was positive sentiment and engagements towards the brand, combined with driving sessions to our brand landing page. Content went live on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Vimeo.

Hello Video:
introducing the new logo
 Search Everywhere 
 Product proof
Colors Video:
Introducing the new colors, inspired by our favourite places
Illustrations Video:
Inspired by our different travelers
Facebook Hero Video
With the massive re branding Skyscanner was going through we needed to re do the Facebook Cover Video and we ditched the POV approach and we decided to not add any copy on screen as it would be easily scalable.
We made the new logo the main element of the video. Thanks to the rich and varied footage we researched and curated we managed to tell the story with no words. We  covered all three verticals of the business and gained a cohesive and aesthetic look throughout the whole video.
Once we saw the final output we decided to also make a square edit so that we could use it as a mood film on Skyscanner's Instagram's feed to fully support the Brand Refresh Launch Campaign.

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