What we are coming from | Context:
We created a Facebook header video a couple of months ago. The challenge was to create something compelling without using any text, since we wanted to avoid the localisation to 30 countries by all means. We chose to go POV (point of view) back then as it seemed like the best approach to make viewers feel involved with the video.
With the massive re branding Skyscanner was going through we needed to re do the Facebook Cover Video and we ditched the POV approach. We made the new logo the main element of the video and we still kept the video with no copy. Thanks to the rich and varied footage we researched and curated we managed to tell the story with no words. We  covered all three verticals of the business and gained a cohesive and aesthetic look throughout the whole video.

Once we saw the final output we decided to also make a square edit so that we could use it as a mood film on Skyscanner's Instagram's feed to fully support the Brand Refresh Launch Campaign.

Role: Concept. Video Footage research and curation. Music research. Edition. Logo tracking and masking. 
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