The eDreams Google Ads re-engagement campaign employs a quarterly creative asset development cycle to prevent customer fatigue and sustain engagement. By refreshing creative elements regularly, the campaign maintains a dynamic, attention-grabbing presence in the market. The strategic setup includes a creative strategy test, allowing continuous optimization and alignment with evolving market trends. The overarching goal is to drive maximum bookings with the lowest Cost Per Booking (CPB). Targeting travelers who have used the eDreams app but haven't booked in the last 6 months, the campaign aims to re-engage this specific audience. Leveraging Google Ads' precision targeting, the strategy involves delivering personalized messages and incentives to prompt conversions. Through iterative testing and data-driven insights, the campaign not only seeks to achieve immediate results but also aims to foster long-term customer loyalty.
Creative Team: 
Lead: Irati Aguirre 
Art Director: Roberta Albanese  
Designers: Maria Prieto, Anna Pares 
Motion Designers: Teresa Marina, Irati Aguirre
Copy: Lesley Ogilvy
In our innovative multimarket campaign, we harness the power of diversified data to craft a personalized and relatable experience for each audience and market. Recognizing the unique preferences and behaviors of distinct customer segments, we tailor destination recommendations and pricing dynamically. By leveraging detailed data insights, we ensure that the campaign resonates authentically with each target audience, fostering a sense of relatability. This strategic approach not only enhances engagement but also builds a deeper connection between the brand and consumers across various markets. The campaign goes beyond a one-size-fits-all model, utilizing intelligent data utilization to create a personalized journey for every individual, making their travel choices feel not just accessible but truly tailored to their desires.
App Tutorial
In our Google App Campaign (aci), our primary objective is to effectively target individuals who have yet to download our app onto their devices. Leveraging the precision targeting capabilities of Google Ads, we aim to reach this untapped audience and showcase the unique value propositions of our app. The campaign employs compelling ad creatives and persuasive messaging to highlight the benefits and features, encouraging users to take the next step and install the application. By strategically reaching out to this specific segment, we not only expand our user base but also establish a direct connection with potential customers who may not be familiar with the convenience and advantages offered by our app
Best Fare
In our eDreams Google Ads campaign, we deliberately deviate from traditional destination-centric approaches. Instead, our strategy places a singular emphasis on the pure price element of our product. We understand that in the realm of travel, the cost is a pivotal factor for users. Our creative concept highlights this unique selling proposition by centering on the affordability and value inherent in eDreams bookings. Through visually striking and straightforward ad creatives, we cut through the noise, showcasing eDreams as the go-to platform for securing the lowest prices across various travel options. By honing in on this core element, our campaign aims to resonate with users seeking transparency and budget-friendly choices, fostering trust in eDreams as the provider of unparalleled affordability in the travel market. This distinct approach underscores our commitment to meeting customer needs directly, ensuring that the pure price element remains at the forefront of our messaging and user experience.
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