Our upcoming performance campaign on Meta marks a strategic shift toward mid-funnel engagement, prioritizing consideration over immediate bookings. Recognizing the need for a nuanced approach, we diverge from the conventional focus on the price element. Instead, our creative concepts unfold a multifaceted narrative, spotlighting various value propositions that eDreams uniquely offers. To extract maximum insights, we're deploying four distinct campaigns, each tailored to resonate with diverse audience segments. Our primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for measuring consideration is Cost Per Search (CPS), allowing us to gauge the effectiveness of our messaging in capturing audience attention and interest. Additionally, we'll delve into Cost Per Booking (CPB) as a secondary KPI, ensuring a balanced assessment of campaign performance. Video engagement metrics will be closely monitored, providing valuable insights into user interactions and preferences. This holistic approach reflects our commitment to driving meaningful mid-funnel interactions while gathering valuable learnings for ongoing optimization and refinement.
Creative Team: 
Lead: Irati Aguirre 
Art Director & Designer: Roberta Albanese  
Motion Designers: Yago Abella, Paula Normand, Alicia Lopez, Teresa Marina, Irati Aguirre
Copy: Lesley Ogilvy
Conceptualisation: Irati Aguirre, Roberta Albanese, Yago Abella
Creative Producer: Daniela Andrade​​​​​​​
Be Luigi
This concept revolves around the creation of the fictional character, Luigi*, a sassy eDreams expert. Luigi knows the eDreams app inside out, and he'll be your guide to a world of efficient travel booking. We'll use humor and relatable travel scenarios, featuring 'fake' user tweets, to demonstrate how eDreams can revolutionize your travel experience.
*To bring Luigi to life, we'll employ a trendy Instagram filter that only displays the eyes and mouth of the speaker, with the option to add a background image.  Luigi will be placed strategically over the tweet and his replies will be in the form of a voice over.
Spark in the app
This script describes a  tutorial for the eDreams platform showcasing the app usability and the benefits through the value propositions. Each frame includes context, on-screen text and relevant voice-over. This is the most tactical and transactional approach of them all. 
Joyful Journeys
The Hunt
The idea is to portray finding good travel deals on other sites as a stressing, time consuming experience, as opposed to booking with eDreams, which is a fast, stress-free experience. We want to highlight that with eDreams Prime, you can easily find better prices 9 out of 10 times, thanks to our 5 million+ strong member base, which gives us access to exclusive rates that no one else can offer.

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