#HotelPerks, a Facebook paid international campaign, features a series of 24 captivating videos in its inaugural release.
Within this compilation, you'll find all 24 videos, each spanning approximately 6 to 12 seconds. The objective is to spotlight unique experiences achievable only in a hotel setting or ones that are notably enhanced compared to your own home.
These bite-sized videos were strategically designed to direct viewers to the trivago magazine, the focal point of the marketing team's efforts at that time. With a robust team of around 90 personnel, the campaign targeted specific themes such as pool amenities, in-room benefits, and more. Depending on the video's focus, the generated traffic was channeled towards diverse listicle articles in the blog, which featured strategic funnel activation points.
The entire production process, from pre-production to actual shooting and asset delivery, was seamlessly executed by our in-house team.
Creative Team: Producer Miguel Angel Bustamante / Film & Editing: Irati Aguirre / Script: Maria Jose Bricio / Graphics: Timon
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