Our latest project is a Meta performance campaign tailored for Skyscanner, with the primary goal of boosting app installs. However, we're not just fixated on increasing numbers; we're strategically analysing the cost per install (CPA) to ensure efficiency. The project boasts a clean and focused design, making it easier for users to absorb essential information seamlessly.

At the heart of this campaign is a dynamic and fast-paced hero video, accompanied by a captivating sound design that adds an extra layer of engagement. This video serves as the driving force behind our initiative. To refine our approach and gather valuable insights, we've created several cutouts, each serving as an iteration of the hero video. This iterative process aims to expand our understanding and maximize the campaign's reach and performance.

To enhance the narrative, we've seamlessly blended stock footage when showcasing the product and user-generated content (UGC) to highlight the tangible benefits. The use of stock footage provides a polished look while UGC adds authenticity, creating a compelling and comprehensive storytelling experience for the audience.

Creative team:

Art Director: David Cardona
Copywriter: Ellen McCulloch 
Motion Designer: Irati Aguirre
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